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Temco Tool, Manchester NHTemc o Tool’s 21,000 sq. ft. expansion is starting to take shape. The new building’s frame will be closed in by the end of this February and occupied by June. Our new space will create an additional 14,000 sq. ft. for production precision machining.

temco-tool-expansionWe have recently begun our building expansion at Temco Tool that will add 21,000 sq. ft. to our existing space – 14,000 sq. ft. of which will be dedicated to production. The entire production area will be temperature controlled and seamlessly integrate with our current building. The remaining floor space will house production support (including deburring and assembly) as well as a new cafeteria, conference rooms, office space, and an elevator.

The structure is scheduled for February completion with internal completion by spring or early summer. Once the expansion is finished, we will begin purchasing additional equipment for our facility.

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Temco Tool FacilityTemco Tool is about to start an expansion project that will increase our manufacturing facility by approximately 16,000 square-feet and create 20-30 new jobs when fully utilized. The increased demand from our core customers as well as several new opportunities has spurred this expansion. We have simply run out of room in our current building, fortunately our piece of land allows room for an expansion to the existing plant. The plans and permitting phase is nearing completion, and we are hoping to have the building up and externally complete by fall. Our new space will allow us to produce parts in higher volume with shorter lead time, while supporting our current long term contracts without interruption.
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facility2At Temco Tool, we pride ourselves in our state of the art 28,000 sq. ft. machining facility where not only do we have some of the most advanced CNC equipment on the market, but provide an excellent work environment for our employees. Over the years we have developed our production area into a modern, clean, worker friendly shop environment. We believe that the quality of the work environment is reflected in the workmanship and quality of parts machined. With the latest equipment and a clean, modern, technology driven production floor, Temco Tool is truly not “your father’s shop”. Continue reading

Cutter CNC router and plastic parts of Plexiglas

At Temco Tool, we use the latest machining technology with a wide range of capabilities to meet your needs. Our manufacturing floor operates 3-9 axis milling, lathes, grinding, two types of EDM technology, and state of the art metrology. With these machines, we produce intricate parts in the most efficient and accurate way. Our capabilities allow us to develop your part from prototype to production for the most precise of jobs. In this post we will discuss types of metal cutting used at Temco, focusing on lathe and axis machining.

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Temco Tool FacilityFor over 50 years, Temco Tool has excelled in the high tech manufacturing market, to become a leading manufacturer of complex machined parts. As Temco Tool continues to grow, we focus on expanding our capabilities that we  are able to offer to our clients. Through our blog we will address your questions, discuss our manufacturing capabilities, talk about the latest industry news, and how we stay in front of the pack. Here you can have your questions answered about your precision machining needs.